Sailing & Scuba diving in Indonesia, aboard the luxury liveaboard

A Quick Overview

Exceptionnal... Indonesia, above all, is living proof that mother-nature has a wonderful heart:  A country with 17,500 islands, oceans, seas, lagoons and volcanos, where the flora and fauna have developed to create one of the most biodiverse basins on the planet.


A few simple statistics create this proof: 


The country is home to 17% of the worlds’ reefs, 80% of marine species have been found in Indonesia and scientists continue to discover new ones…


From the tiny pigmy sea horse to the enormous whale shark, while passing via all types of wonderful creatures, the Indonesian waters never cease to amaze us.

The Sonde Islands


To the south of the Archipelago, the Komodo National Park, Flores and Alor are of a volcanic topography and provide abrupt drop-offs, channels, passages, bays and lagoons, where uncountable specials of hard and soft corals grow.

We regularly encounter manta rays, different species of whales, reef sharks, giant ocean sunfish and impressive pelagic fish. Nudibranchs, rhinopias, ribbon eels and ghost pipe fish are also seen here.

The currents are sometimes strong in this area and are favourable for drift diving. The variations in temperature between the Flores Sea (28 c) and the Indian Ocean (21 c) are more pronounced between May and October.



In the far north of the Celebes, in the Sangihe Islands, underwater volcanoes and vertical walls await you. We also find Lembeh Straits, the photographic mecca for rare fauna.

In the Toggian Islands, in the Gulf of Tomini, the magnificent plate and hard corals are a wonderful foreground for manta rays and napoleon wrasse.

In Gorontalo, you'll have the opportunity to see the rare “Salvador Dali” along the drop-offs.

In the Banggai Islands, the resident cardinal fish share their home with a formidable collection of sponges.

The Wakatobi National Park offers near perfect visibility to observe large schools of fusiliers and jacks, grouper and the spectacular macro-fauna that make up the reputation of this region.

Papua Barat

Marine Wealth

The paradise islands of Raja Ampat, including Misool, are home to dense jungles and turquoise lagoons, offering diving rich in soft and hard corals, rare fauna, (overload for photographers) and pelagic species. Manta rays, hump-head parrot fish, carpet sharks, schools of jacks and silversides are common.

Farther to the north in Cenderawasih Bay, we find groups of whale sharks, wrecks from WWII and beautiful reefs where some of the endemic species are yet to be discovered.

In Triton Bay, the nutrient rich waters allow numerous species of corals and sponges to proliferate and offer a festival of colours. At times, it is also possible to see whale sharks in this region under the fishing "bagans" of local fishermen.

Banda Sea & Forgotten Islands

Loin des circuits touristiques

Far off the beaten track

The Banda Sea encompasses isolated islands and underwater sea mounds where the diving is both surprising and spectacular. Gunung Api for the thousands of sea snakes, Nil Desperandum and Lucipara for the hammerhead sharks and the port of Banda Neira for the Mandarin Fish. We also see untouched hard corals and have beautiful drift dives.

In the Forgotten Islands, Wetar, Roma, Damar and Nila, the drop-offs and lagoons of black sands are renowned. There are abundant species of pelagics and rare macro-fauna such as rhinopias, pygmy sea horses and bobtail squid. A region made for divers in the quest of adventure and exclusivity.

Moluccas & Seram

Marine Biodiversity

Less visited and definitely an exclusive zone of the archipelago, the waters of Halmahera, Buru, Obi and Seram enclose a topography rich in life that include clouds of sardines and squadrons of Mobula.

Volcanoes, caves, drop-offs and lagoons of black sands are refuge to a one of the most beautiful kaleidoscopes of underwater colour that we can encounter. Rare macro-fauna in the region of Ambon, barrel sponges and large quantities of alcyonaires at Palau Pisang, reef sharks and rays in the Pantiti Straits, sumptuous corals at Palau Goraici and Terambu Gora. At Tifore, coral plateaus and vertical drop-offs guarantee dives charged with adrenalin in the beautiful blue middle of the Maluku Sea.


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The Phinisi Charter vessel and liveaboard WAOW cruising, sailing and scuba diving in Indonesia Papua Barat Cenderawasih,  Lembeh Strait, Manado, Celebes Sea to Sangihe

SANGIHE Islands 

   "Pearls of the North"         


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Dive the BANDA Sea



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